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Pipeline valves


Pipeline valves

Check or pipeline valves are mounted at vessels, assembly units or pipelines with the aim to control different media (liquid, powder, etc.). As a rule pipeline valves are made of the following metals:

  • Cast iron;
  • Steel;
  • Non-ferrous metals and various alloys.

Check valves are utilized to stop the medium flow:

  • Cast iron gate valves (available at any factory that manufactures pipeline valves).
  • Stop valve, which price is affected by the material and many other factors.
  • Dampers.
  • Plug valve.
  • Ball valves.

Price, rub.  


Price, rub.  
Valve (globe balve) 15kch33p 15х1.6
Valve 15RU160
Valve 19ls53nzh 50х1.6 with counter flange (set)
Valve 19ch21br 200х1.6 with counter flange (set)
Valve 19cg21br 80х1.6
Valve ASTM A351 CF8M HL 50х4 with counter flange
Valve VB2 DN25 PN10
Valve VNZ/4S-4Е DN20 PN0,4
Valve DN-50 RU-16
Valve DN-20 RU-16
Valve DEN 37.03.000
Non return valve 1707.00.00-01
Security valve Leser 4562.6014
Regulation valve H740N
Regulation valve RK201 diam-200mm
Valve RU-6 50 12х18 N10T
Lever valve #60-PN-1015
Valve СЕНС DN100 PN16, KOF
Solenoid valve 5320-3721500
Valve 19s47nzh DN300 PN40
Valve 19ch 21BR 150*16
Valve 19ch 21BR 80*16
Valve assembly 2KSH5-000
Non return valve diam-50
Gas solenoid valve KG-20
Gas solenoid valve KG-40

Plug valves

Price, rub.  
Plug valve 465KS DN65 PN25
Plug valve VNIL 25х6.3
Plug valve KSH.F.032.040-02 32х4 with flange. (set)
Plug valve 10nzh19p DN40 PN16
Plug valve 11ls70p HL 50х8
Plug valve ASHS.F.200.100-02 200х10
Plug valve KSH 76х3
Plug valve KSH.F.015.250-02 15х25 with counter flange
Ball valve .VT214 3/4 В/В (MAN) BASIK
Ball valve 2 ВН-ВН BUGTTI 300
Ball valve V-V 1 handle
Ball valve В-В 1-1/4 handle
Ball valve 1/2ВН-ВН lever.ARC0-SENA AR/214
Ball valve F.I.V.P/P 1/2 G/SH Б 8007513
Ball valve diam 15 (misc)
Ball valve diam 20 (misc)
Ball valve diam 32
Ball valve diam 50 (misc)
Plug valve 11ls38pVNIL, 491811, 00121d25Ru10

Plug valves, clamps, damper valves

Price, rub.  
Damper valve 30s41nzh diam200
Damper valve 31s945nzh diam160
Damper valve, gas 150х1.2
Plug valve (misc)
Plug valve (assembly)
Plug valve 15С52NK Diam40*63
Plug valve 25*64
Plug valve 32*16 15B1P
Plug valve 40*40 15С 22NZH
Plug valve 50*40 15SNZH/UKS
Plug valve DIam-40 cast iron
Ball valve for fire cock diam-50
Damper valve 30ls76nzh DN80 PN63 KOF HL
Damper valve 30С 41 NZH DN100 RU t-450C water
Damper valve 30С 41 NZH DN80 RU t-450C water
Damper valve 30ch 6br 150*10
Damper valve DN 80/16
Damper valve, cast iron DN50 РУ10
Stopper plus, ellipsoid-17379 530*12 09G2С
Clamp А2А-95
Clamp NB-2-6А
Butterfly valve 125х16

Joints, Adaptors, T-branches, Branches, Bushes

Price, rub.  
Branch P45deg 325х8-13HFA
Branch-17375 90deg. 108х3.5 20
Adaptor SS-400
Adaptor for valve ESBE
Pipe fitting
Reducer bushing 3/1
Reducer bushing 3/2
Reducer bushing 4/3
Reducer bushing 4/3
Reducer bushing 5/4
Sharply-bent branch DN100
Sharply-bent branch DN15
Sharply-bent branch DN50
Sharply-bent branch DN80
Branch OG 44rg 530 (8 К52)-1,6-0,75UHL
Branch, plastic
Branch, steel DN57Х3.5 ST20 (pcs)
Branch-17375 90deg. 25х3 12Х18N10Т
Branch DN 108 ST К/З 108 MM
Branch DN89
Jointing 16x16 grip fitting
Jointing 20x1/2 inner grip fitting
Jointing 20x1/2 outer grip fitting
Jointing 20x20 grip fitting
Jointing 20x3/4 inner grip fitting
Jointing 20x3/4 outer grip fitting
Т-branch, steel 16х16х16
Т-branch, steel with fixation 16x1/2x16 outer grip fitting
Т-branch TSHS 530(12)х325(10)-4,0-0,75 3n
Т-branch TSHS 720(12)х325(8)2,5-0,75-К52 3n
Connector 1/4"*3/8"


Price, rub.  
Reinforcement ANK 65*21 К1 UHL1 (set)
Reinforcement KU 65/50-8/5*14-10,1,20 KOS (set)
Launcher trap I-UPP-2-150-4,0-HL-F
Launcher trap UPP-1-100-HL-F (set)
Opening neck set KU 65/50-8/5х14-10.1.10 (set)
Water magnetic converter MPV MWC
Separation membrane 5321,100kp/cm2
Separation membrane 5320, 100kp/cm2
Pump Centrilift 15-В-179
Pump IECNDP 5-25-1300
Pump Wilo TWU 4-0820
Pump, hydraulic 303.3.112.501-002
Pump CNSnt 38-110, with electric drive AIM180М2 (set)
Tubing head KOS-21-168*245-11
Tubing head KOS-25-168х245
Piston CA
Separation piston 20-PRV-1
Milling tool 1FK-120х97P
Milling tool 1FK-120х97P
Rod rotator SHVR.08.000
Hydraulic landing collar 5" R-110
Dispersing agent DN5-250-17.13/001-1
Grip 4 ZKK1-0,5tn
Horizontal grip ЕТМ-G-1.0
Tread РТ-1-2.0
Tread РТ-10 no passport
Tread РТ-16 no passport
Tread Рт1-6.3 GOST 25573-82
Fire safety device OR-100A with flange (set)
Separation membrane RM 5319
Separation membrane RM-5321
Phase separator RS-21
Milling tool ZFK-120х97P

When you decide to purchase check valve (or f.e. cast iron dampers), t is advisable to remember about the major positive specifications of such equipment type:

  • Contents – mainly stainless steel;
  • Corrosion-proof property;
  • Aggressive medium proof property (f.i. high pressure or temperature);
  • Simple maintenance.

The following pipeline valves are utilized for connections:

  1. Steel flanges (price is affected by dimensions and case-hardening grade). Application range of these joint discs (rings) is considerably wide: starting from the oil industry up to power industry and space technology.
  2. Steel branches, which prices depend upon steel grade and pipeline valve type, as f.e. you might need to buy bent steel or sectional welded branches. Branches are used to connect bent parts of the pipeline. The most extensive sphere is industrial and power pipelines manufacture.
  3. Steel T-branch (price depends upon the possibility of usage at maximum pressure and temperature ranges). Anti-corrosion properties of T-branches are determined by the steel grade (carbon and low-alloy steel). T-branches are used in various conditions:
    • Waterworks construction;
    • At chemical factories.

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