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Solder alloys


Solder alloys

Solder alloy

Price, rub.  
Round bronze bar BRAZH9-4 DN - 80mm договорная Check price
Round brass bar LS59-1 DN - 32mm договорная Check price
Round brass bar LS59-1 DN - 50mm договорная Check price
Round brass bar LS59-1 DN - 80mm договорная Check price
Solder alloy POS 61 KR договорная Check price
Solder alloy POS-40 договорная Check price
Solder alloy POSSU-61-05 договорная Check price

Brass brazing alloys

Brass brazing alloys allow making high-duty permanent connections. The technology is based upon diffusion; however, brass brazing advantage is lack of smelting and deformation of the main metal.

For brass brazing it is possible to use non-seller solder alloys of high temperature melting.

Alloys could be as follows:

  • Rounds bars,
  • Rings,
  • Sticks, covered and uncovered,
  • Cored wire, etc.

It is advisable paying special attention to the alloy contents.


Most loyal to mechanical load and temperature drops is BrAZH alloy (bronze, aluminum, iron). Abbreviation shows there is iron in the alloy. Number indication shows %% of the components contents. F.e. round bronze bar BrAZH9-4 is made of alloy with 9% aluminum and 4% iron. Main content of compound is copper, notable contents of other additive agents is allowed.


Round brass bar LS 59-1 could be used not just for brass brazing, but as material for making bushings, wheels, gearwheels and other parts. Under GOST grade LS 59-1 corresponds to the alloy, named leaded brass, containing:

  • copper – 57-60%,
  • zinc – 47,05-42,2%,
  • lead – 0,8-1,9%,
  • iron – до 0,5%.

Other additive agents small quantities are permitted.

here are different shapes of compounds, depending on brass usage: round bar, stick, wire, tape and others.

Solder brazing with POS alloys

POS alloy – is based on tin and lead with different ratio of basic components (alloy specifications depend on this parameter)

Alloy grade Stannum contents, % Melting temp., ° C
POS15 15 280
POS25 25 260
POS33 33 247
POS40 40 235
POS60 60 220
POS90 90 191

The lowest melting point for POS compounds - 183° C.

Solder brazing technology is optimal for permanent joints of the metal constructions elements (compounds) with low melting temperature. This method is characterized by the high capacity, facility of execution and security in respect of burning-out (damaging) of the main material.

Alloy selection

Brazing/soldering and alloy type is chosen based on configuration (easy or hard geometry), contents (different melting temperature metals alloys need high attention) and physical and chemical characteristics of the associated parts.


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