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Intercom equipment


Intercom and signal equipment

Intercom and signal devices of Russian and foreign manufacturers are offered as non-seller goods. Buying dead stocks allows getting much lower prices.

Dead stock acquisition rules

When you buy dead stock goods it is advisable to check out the reason of such low price sale. From this view point all items could be divided into 2 categories:

  • Warehouse equipment (logistics faults, over purchasing, overproduction at low demand, etc.),
  • Used devices (from disassembled lines or production equipment after factory changed profile or switched technologies).

Before buying non-seller it is necessary to evaluate their conditions and estimated life span. In that respect buying from a specialized company appears to be more advantageous – it is its specialists work to check out the damages and amortization. RosMetTrade often offers dismantle works at the Seller site, which can minimize damages at this stage.

Intercom and signal equipment

Price, rub.  
Wired telephone receiver, shaft, TASH1-11, 1ExibIICT5, IP54 договорная Check price
Telephone receiver Panasonic KX-TS2362RUW договорная Check price
Load-speaker 50 GR-2 договорная Check price
Ceiling loud-speaker CS договорная Check price
Horn loud-speaker договорная Check price
Megaphone MG-200 договорная Check price
Microphone for radio station договорная Check price
Microphone НМ-100 договорная Check price
Microphone RDZ-EXM договорная Check price
Microphone RM-01 договорная Check price
Emergency alarm post PSV-S-52 HL1 договорная Check price
Radio modem Gamma-433 договорная Check price
Radio modem Nevod-GSM договорная Check price
Cordless telephone BTA-900S договорная Check price
Portable radio-set Motorola GM 340 договорная Check price
System telephone Рanasonic KX-TD 7665 договорная Check price
Telephone Panasonic KX-TS2361RU договорная Check price

Main types of intercom and signal equipment

RosMetTrade offers various types of intercom and signal devices.

Shaft telephone receiver

Such communication devices are used in shafts and open pits. In accordance with the device purpose and exploitation conditions they are made with the following properties:

  • Leak-tight case, protecting the device from dust,
  • Moist protection,
  • Intrinsic safety, allowing usage in high methane media.

Such devices are usually possible to settle on the desk or fix to the wall.

Horn load-speaker

Simple but efficient device used for auditions (commands, signaling, emergency alarms, etc.) across spacious spots and sites with high noise levels.

Ceiling load-speaker

Ultimate device to translate sounds across large spaces. Located at the top of the closed space it allows getting even and smooth sound waves spread and good audibility at each spot.


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