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Cables, wires, ropes


Cables, wires, ropes

Enterprises having non-seller cables stored might effectively release warehouse or production space and gain profit if not turn this dead stock into a serious revenue earner.

Products types

In this catalogue section there are non-seller cables, metal ropes and wires of various types. All positions are divided into two categories.

  • Non-used goods require realization since they occupy space plus might lose their qualities with time, which will lead to serious price reductions. In this case it will be much more difficult finding a buyer.
  • Dead stock of wires, ropes and cables, used and having certain grade of wear and tear, are usually bought for further recycling.


Price, rub.  
Aluminum cable (spools) договорная Check price
High frequency cable DH10А договорная Check price
High frequency cable RK-75-4-11 договорная Check price
High frequency cable RG-213 договорная Check price
Radio frequency cable ANLI DX-10A CCA договорная Check price
Field cable P-274-M (500) BUH договорная Check price


Price, rub.  
Rope 9.1 договорная Check price
Steel rope договорная Check price
Steel rope DN4.3.22 договорная Check price
Rolled wire 6.5 mm договорная Check price
Lead-out wire 700 ft договорная Check price
Wire PUNP 3*4 договорная Check price

Evaluation criteria and methods

It appears cost-effective buying non-seller goods from a company, which specialization is dead stock sales due to quick and exact assessment. Prices are affected by the following factors:

  • Product model,
  • GOST correspondence,
  • Documentation availability,
  • Storing conditions of high-frequency cable, lead-out cable and other non-seller goods, such conditions correspondence with the declared requirements,
  • Condition (tear and wear grade, amortization),
  • Manufacture date.

The following characteristics are considered if steel cable or other non-seller is purchased for processing:

  • Metal grade,
  • Condition (corrosion, other damages).

At any point when you buy dead stock it is necessary to run exact measurements of the cables, ropes and wires (length, weight), that is why it is important for the company to have all measuring and regulating equipment, allowing the buyer to conveniently make sure that the product coincides with its description.

RosMetTrade advantages

Buying steel cable or non-seller goods at RosMetTrade you can always be sure to get mutual benefits. We offer the following pros:

  • Additional services are available: preparation of non-sellers meant for onward recycling (cutting, mechanical cleaning, etc.),
  • Delivery method choice (self-haul or RosMetTrade delivery),
  • Low prices for both subject to recycling and fit for service dead stock.

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