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Hydraulic equipment


Hydraulic equipment

RosMetTrade LLC offers to buy hydraulic equipment at low prices in the category of non-seller hardware items. This will allow to save funds by choosing used or non-used products, which remained unclaimed.

Dead stock formation reason

Non-seller hydraulic equipment stock could be formed at a production enterprise due to the following reasons:

  • Abundant purchase planning,,
  • Technological process deviation,
  • Overproduction and so on.

Hydraulic equipment

Price, rub.  
Hydraulic motor S/V and O/L 30157674-7.5 договорная Check price
Hydraulic motor GMSH-63Р договорная Check price
Hydraulic pump NPA-112RU договорная Check price
Hydraulic cylinder D-125х100х580 договорная Check price
Hydraulic cylinder AR 12.03.000 договорная Check price
Descent hydraulic cylinder assembly договорная Check price
Hydraulic lift cylinder 125 договорная Check price
Hydraulic pusher TE-25 договорная Check price
Hydraulic pusher TE-30 договорная Check price
Hydraulic pusher TE-50 договорная Check price
Hydro protector GZNM-103/0-00-01 договорная Check price
Modular unit PBS-UMG-112 договорная Check price
Modular unit PBS-UMG-75 договорная Check price
Hydraulic distribution valve 2Р-30 договорная Check price
Hydraulic distribution valve договорная Check price


Non-seller hydraulic equipment sale allows releasing useful exploitation space and optimizing production. Dead stock purchase is a catch for the Buyer since it is possible to obtain equipment at lower than the average market prices and further use them as intended or other purposes.

Independent sale of dead stock by the factory is often obstructed since the line is limited. In this case specialized trading platforms and companies, aimed at the realization of the wide range of dead stock equipment and spare parts appear to be more efficient because of a wider selection.

RosMetTrade LLC markets non-seller hydraulic equipment, including;

  • Hydraulic motors,
  • Hydraulic pushers,
  • Pumps,
  • Hydraulic cylinders,
  • Hydraulic distribution valve, etc.

Main hydraulic equipment operation peculiarities

Under otherwise equal specifications hydraulic equipment features higher reliability and durability, than its analogous (for instance electrical models).

Hydraulic pumps

Utilized in highway construction and heavy engineering. Classification is as follows.


  • Controllable,
  • Uncontrollable.

Operating chamber:

  • Radial-piston machines,
  • Axial-piston machines,
  • Laminate.

Hydraulic motors

They are cost-effective in use for heavy-duty special vehicles, including road-building machinery.

Divided into:

  • Controllable and uncontrollable,
  • Cycles per single shaft revolution (single or double),
  • Low and high moment (low moment types obtain higher speed, while high moment types obtain higher rotary moment at lower rpm)

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