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Dead stock


Non-seller: enterprises dead stock realization

Non-seller goods sale purpose is to release storage space and degrade balance of surplus commodities and materials, that will no longer be utilized at the enterprise. RosMetTrade company sells the following non-seller goods:


Non-seller goods prices are lower than the manufacturer’s. Most often the reason to sell dead stock appears to be expired storing period, thus you get lower price together with the regular product quality. The enterprise prefers selling such products at lower price than keeping on storing them and using the factory resources. Such operations are also valuable to the buyers because they do not have to produce new items and waste subsoil resources. What they do instead is buy dead stock, which suits all customers’ purposes.


Dead stock availability

RosMetTrade realization of surplus stock

We supply metallurgical industry plants non-seller. We have broad selection of pipes, drilling equipment, electrical facilities and others. You may download the list of non-seller goods available at RosMetTrade below.

RosMetTrade advantages:

  • Wide dealer and partnership network, which allows offering a large variety of non-seller goods;
  • Delivery and transportation;
  • Specialized vehicles for transportation;
  • Qualified personnel;
  • Experience in dead stock realization;
  • Affordable pricing;
  • Advertence towards our customers.

The company activities are licensed, all products obtain corresponding certificates. We offer factories dead stock for wholesale or retail, cash or wire payments, we do transactions documentation. Save your money, but not quality, and buy surplus stock at RosMetTrade.


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