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Tubing joints


Tubing joints

In Perm city most frequent sales of pipes for fences belong to dead stock tubing joints. Overaged items have low prices, but their perfect technical specifications allow making a solid construction at minimum costs.

Products purpose

Used tubing joints are secondary materials. During the first exploitation cycle they are used in oil and gas industry, for well s extraction or water infusions, gas or pressurized air feeding, etc.

Technical specifications

It is cost-effective buying used tubing joints in Perm since their strength properties declined just slightly, and their specifications allow using them for household purposes at out of town cottages.

Air-tightness of all types (sleeve or non-sleeve) of tubing joints is maintained at pressure below 50kPa.

Tubing joints NKT 60 and other sizes feature high connections durability. At connection section this specification is equal to more than 90% of all the pipe body strength.


When buying used tubing joints in Perm it is vital knowing that the price depends upon the material and protection coating, which enhances the product resistance towards external effects.

Tubing joins are divided into:

  • Steel;
  • Aluminum alloys.

Specific strength of the aluminum models are up to 2,5 times as higher than steel ones. Besides solid tubing joints are resistant to hydrogen-sulphide corrosion.

Protection coatings are applied to the inner surface of the tubing joints but not for all models. Such protection coating allows avoiding the following:

  • Gypsum deposits,
  • Scale,
  • Wax deposits.

If tubing joints are bought for fences in Perm, then such coating is not needed, however, its presence will show the pipes condition after the first usage cycle, since protection coating enlarges the operation term and considerably lowers maintenance occasions.

In Perm tubing joints may have the following coating types:

  • Liquid glass,
  • Enamel,,
  • Lacquer,
  • Epoxy.

Utilization peculiarities

When buying tubing pipes for household needs it is important to abide by the rules, applicant to the new product.

  • Transportation and loading/unloading works should be performed with the help of specialized vehicles (mechanical pipe trucks).
  • It is prohibited to drag tubing pipes.
  • Loading and unloading works should be performed without sharp mechanical impacts (slow lifting, no dropping).
  • Wooden bars put under the pipes while long-term storage protect them from slacking and deforming.