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Used pipe for fence


Used pipe for fence

One of the most cost-effective solutions during houses and commercial facilities construction works is buying used metal pipes. Tube rolls dead stock obtains high durability but cost much less than analogous new products.

Usage advantages

Used pipes for fences have the following exploitation qualities:

  • High mechanical durability and resistance to damages, including deformation,
  • Corrosion resistance,
  • Long term of exploitation, which could be prolonged by covering surfaces with protective coatings (paint, lacquer, enamels, etc.)

It is possible to choose and buy metal pipes for fences if their tear and wear is low, plus you can choose definite colours too.

RosMetTrade regulates quality of the dead stock and obtains technical capabilities for pre-sale products preparations. In most cases disassembly is made by the company specialists. Thus the Buyer is offered thoroughly sorted, prepared dead stock of rolled pipes, prices for which are set with the consideration of examination.

Metal pipes types and assortment

Used metal pipes feature round cross section, however quadrant and oval cross sections are also available.

Cross section typeParameterPossible values
rounddiameter48-100 mm
quadrantLength*width40*20 mm,
60*60 mm,
80*40 mm

Selection criteria:

  • Cross section geometry (diameter, quadrant side, etc.),
  • Length (height if used for fences),
  • Walls thickness,
  • Alloy type,
  • Anti-corrosion qualities.

RosMetTrade offers buying used pipes for fences, without extra charges.

Application range

For those planning to buy used pipes price is not the only advantage. Used rolled pipes obtains wide application range and could be utilized not just as fence supports, but also for:

  • Functional poles installation (supports for light devices, water tanks and so on),
  • Gates, inserts, lattice and other types of constructions production.