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Pumping rod


Pumping rod

Pumping rods are utilized during drilling works with the aim to transfer the rotatable movement or reciprocating motion from the motor drive located on the surface down to the pump, submerged into the well. Ascend or descend of the pumping equipment is performed by means of such auxiliary equipment.

Construction peculiarities

Pumping rod appears to be rod of mostly round cross section with small section of quadrant cross section. The latter is made in order to obtain the possibility to catch it with the key while assembly.

Price is affected by the material type. Mostly used are:

  • Nickel molybdenum steel St20NM,
  • Steel St40.

To increase durability during production the material is treated:

  • By current,
  • By temperature.

Dead stock application

Used piping rods mostly sustain durability and safety. Even if grade of tear and wear after the specified exploitation term does not allow using the product for specified purposes, they can still be used for household of construction needs. Extra advantage here is the possibility to buy solid pumping rod at a low price.

Such type products are widely used for the following needs:

  • Reinforcement of concrete constructions including basements,
  • Walls and fences,
  • Various types of carcass,
  • Forged products (decoration or functional),
  • Tools and auxiliary devices for private houses individual production,
  • Spare parts and components production.

Products specifications

Most widely spread products are both new and used pumping rods of 19 and 22mm diameter (SHN-19, SHN-22). RosMetTrade offers assortment which includes other types, such as SHN-16, SHN-25).

In most cases the products length is 8-10mm. If necessary it is possible to purchase less length items.

Strength properties of the used pumping rods, products condition, damages, corrosion or deformation are examined by the company specialists, plus they affect the discount.