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Casing pipe


Casing pipe

Casing pipe is necessary to fortify walls of the well in order to avoid soil downfall.

Construction materials

Before buying such pipes it is necessary to consider that prices depend on the size and material.

Casing pipes types:

  • Cast iron,
  • Steel,
  • Cement-asbestos,
  • Wooden.

Material depends on the planned application and technical specifications of the well.

Specified requirements

Straightness – one of the main selection and evaluation parameter of the casing pipes. Regular and enhanced durability pipes are available.

Pipes typeDiameter, mmUnstraightness tolerance limit, mm/m
Regular precisionAll dimensions0,7
Extended precision33-890,3

Different pipes types usage factors

Pipes material selection is made in view of structural characteristics, corrosion resistance and specific site peculiarities.

Steel models

Until recently most popular pipes were steel ones – their prices were considerably high, which was offset by same high utilization quality.

  • Operation span is up to 50 years.
  • Most often wall thickness is 6 mm.
  • Steel constructions are recommended when the soil is not stable, easy to displace. These pipes perfectly endure pressure at such displacement, do not get deformed and do not change position.

The problem about steel constructions is corrosion. When you buy steel pipes you have to check out their condition and evaluate damages.

Cement asbestos products

Corrosion-resistant cement asbestos pipes demand specific skills at installation (connections are difficult), that is why not many drilling companies utilize them. The main problem with such pipes is their fragility.

Plastic pipes

This category consists of:

  • LDPE pipes,
  • PVC pipes,
  • PP pipes.

All indicated pipes are resistant to corrosion and totally leak-proof subject to lack of damages. Thus before purchase it is advisable to pay attention to the wholeness of the casing pipes, because this type models are less durable than others and vulnerable to impacts.