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Drilling pipe


Drilling pipe

If you need to buy drilling pipes while your budget is low, the best solution here is to buy dead stock to solve this problem.

Favourable conditions

Warehouse balance and stores, which were accumulated due to logistics flaws or overproduction are sold at considerably lower prices. At that quality and security are checked by the specialists. Quite a number of products are sold simply in order to release warehouse space and save the company budget balance. If drilling pipes are worn out or defected then the price will become even lower, and the buyer will be informed about all those issues before purchasing.

Application peculiarities

Drilling pipes ends have thicker walls, which increases the whole construction strength (while assembly they are connected with each other by means of special locks).

The products are protected from corrosion by covering with corrosion-preventive coating of high adhesion level.

Drilling pipes application directions:

  • Round trips for tools along the well bore, which are aimed at the soil crashing,
  • Torgue transfer to the operating body,
  • Feeding of compressed air or pressurized liquid for blowing down and cleaning of the well.

Product types

Drilling pipes SBT (steel drilling pipes) are used at any technological process at the stage of development, drilling, cleaning and preparation for the well exploitation. Products are made from carbon and alloyed steel, may have different shapes (welded locks with regular, wide or enlarged inlet opening, thread, upsets, etc.).

Drilling pipes UBT (heavy-weight) can be used to increase the weight of the lower part of the drill shaft, which creates extra load upon the drill tool, thus leading to the enhanced efficiency. Heavy-weight pipes are also optimal if there is the necessity to increase durability of the drill shaft. They are made from a specifically durable steel alloy – 30ChN2MFA

Qualities and specifications of the drilling pipes are regulated by GOST standards.

Before buying used drilling pipes it is advisable to consider operation conditions, wear grade and expected service life.