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Tubing joints


Tubing joints: compressor-pumping tubing joints supply

Tubing joints – are compressor-pumping pipes, used during round trip works and for oil and gas operations. RosMetTrade company offers wide choice of tubing joints, both new and used.

Tubing joints supply

Tubing pipes obtain the following differences:

  • Smooth surface;
  • Increased wall thickness;
  • Weldless body;
  • Smooth and outside ends.

Such pipes can be of different diameter and the most wanted one is 73mm.

Tubing pipes are characterized by high durability, air-tightness, corrosion and low temperatures resistance. We offer pipes totally corresponding with GOST 633-80 regulations.

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Used tubing joints

Compression pumping tubing pipes feature a set working lifespan, afterat they could be re-used. Introduction of used tubing pipes allows enhancing ecological satiation, save resources and money of course. Used tubing joints application scope:

  • Posts and fences;
  • Poles and supports;
  • Basement;
  • Wastewaters discharge;
  • Other works.

Among most frequently used tubing pipes are pipes of 73mm diameter.

Wide selection of tubing pipes from reliable supplier

RosMetTrade LLC offers wide choice of both new and used tubing joints. Should you be in need of tubing pipes then RosMetTrade price, assortment and service level are exactly what we search for. We do both wholesale and retail. Various payment methods are available. We work with both legal entities and private individuals. We offer loading operations, pipes dismantling and delivery. We are always ready to consult you on the issues of pipes supply and provide all documentation. Our activity is licensed, all products range obtain necessary certificates.


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