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Rod 19, 22


Rod 19, 22 – pumping rods for oilfield equipment and construction works

Pumping rods are the key element of the oilfield equipment. Their purpose is to transfer motion from the drive to the pump. Made of steel, they correspond to class D of corrosion resistance. RosMetTrade company offers pumping rods of different standard sizes, including the most wanted ones:

  • Pumping rod pr-19;
  • Pumping rod pr-22.

Also we sell rods of 16 and 25mm diameter. Rods are mainly of 8 to 10 meters length, however there are short-cut rods too.

Pumping rod (pr) features the following characteristics:

  • Optimal alloying components content – from 2%;
  • Two threaded rod ends;
  • Connection means: rod coupling.

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Before placing an advertisement on pumping rod purchase it is important to realize that the rod durability will depend on the usage environment.

Thus, pumping rods are made of:

  • Steel grade 20 NM (nickel molybdenum);
  • Steel grade 40.

Each steel type endures heat treatment and surface hardening by the electricity.

Used pump rods sale

When the determined pumping rods lifespan expires they could be re-utilized. Mostly they are demanded in construction industry, and their application range is considerably wide:

  • Foundation reinforcement;
  • Fences building;
  • Construction materials;
  • Smithing framework, including decoration;
  • Fabrication of spare parts, accessories and other metal items.

Used rods are in high-demand because they are made of top-grade steel, plus used pumping rods price is indeed affordable.

Quality pumping rods from a reliable supplier

RosMetTrade offers wholesale and retail purchases of all-size pumping rods. We supply new and used rods. Company activities are licensed, all production is certified. We supply rods all across the country; cash and wire payments are available. We only supply quality commodities, aiming to make your business more profitable.


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