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Ferrous scrap metal


Ferrous scrap metal

Non-ferrous metals may and should be recycled. Re-use of the non-ferrous metals allows enhancing ecological situation of our planet without exhausting subsoil resources. In addition it is beneficial to those delivering metal waste for realization. RosMetTrade company accepts all volumes of all non-ferrous metals.

Non-ferrous metals are metal alloys without ferrum. General scrap classification is as follows:

  1. Density based categories:
    • Heavy metal;
    • Light metal (> 3 g/cm³).
  2. Dimensions based categories.
  3. Contents based categories:
  4. Precious metals, which are naturally few: gold, silver, platinum;
  5. Other most frequented metals: copper, brass, aluminum (food-grade, EC grade, heaters and so on) lead, bronze, stainless steel.

Which non-ferrous metals are acceptable

Non-ferrous metals are more or less contained in construction frameworks, different machines, household appliances, cables and transformers, sanitaryware, batteries, monuments, etc. Prices are based on the material, quantity and shape.

Most common recycled scrap metals are:

  • Copper;
  • Brass;
  • Aluminum;
  • Lead;
  • Titan;
  • Magnesium;
  • Bronze.

However any other metals are also accepted: they are considerably rarer and fewer, so the price could be much higher.

Paying non-ferrous metals acceptance

RosMetTrade provides best terms of waste metal delivery for procession. We obtain whatever is required for quick and efficient work:

  • Licence to accept, store and onward recycling of the non-ferrous scrap metals;
  • Vast dealer and partnership network;
  • Own facility for metal storage and recycling;
  • Automotive vehicles fleet specialized for dismantle, procession and transportation of waste metals;
  • Skilled employees team;
  • Operation experience.

We work efficiently, consistently, making profit for us and our clients. The company offers most advantageous prices for non-ferrous scrap metals. Call us, order scrap dismantle, loading and delivery, and you will be fully certain of that.


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