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Non-ferrous scrap metal


Ferrous scrap metals: procurement, recycling, realization

Ferrous metals belong to renewable resources therefore ferrous waste metals could be delivered for recycling, and then used again. RosMetTrade company offers complete set of services connected with receipt and further procession of metal scrap.

Metal scrap categories and prices

Ferrous waste metals are accepted under the following categories:

  • Large-format steel scrap;
  • Over-size steel scrap;
  • Light-gage steel (thin), including zinked;
  • Large-format cast iron, including tubs, heaters;
  • Cast iron and hardware constructions;
  • Hard cast iron items, f.e. machines;
  • Household scrap;
  • Chippings, wires, waste.

The least expensive is household and ferrous metal. This includes production waste, down equipment, household waste, automobile vehicles beyond repair:

  • Automobiles / buses / tractors / ships / carriages;
  • Garages / fences / transformers;
  • Machines / motors / barrel heaters;
  • Pipes / flaps, etc

It has to be noted that prices for ferrous metal waste are generated subject to its type classification:

  • 3А (large-format lumps);
  • 5А (oversize);
  • 12A (oversize);
  • 17A (large-format cast iron);
  • 22A (oversize cast iron);
  • 12A2 (оцинкоzinkedванный).

The following factors also affect the price:

  • Carbon quantity;
  • Chemistry and alloy grade;
  • Size and shape.

Metal scrap acceptance

RosMetTrade company offers the following services:

  • Metal waste cutting and frameworks dismantle if necessary;
  • Weighing;
  • Loading and unloading;
  • Transport for metal scrap haulage.

The company owns all necessary specialized vehicles for waste dismantle and transportation. The experienced team of skilled specialists performs the entire works scope at high-speed and flawless quality.

Sell metal waste at favourable price

RosMetTrade activities are licensed. The company abides by GOST 2787-75. We cooperate with the individuals as well as with the legal entities. Cash and wire payments are both available. No limits to the delivered metal waste volume.

Company advantages:

  • Wide dealer and partner network all across the country;
  • Up-to-date equipment and specialized vehicles;
  • Favourable prices;
  • Unlimited purchase volumes.

Waste ferrous metals acceptance and realization are profitable to both sides since:

  1. Clients get money for what they no longer need;
  2. Metal scrap does not contaminate the environment, but gets processed;
  3. No need to extract more minerals, which are limited. It is better recycle and re-use metal waste.

Simply call us and we will accept your ferrous scrap metal and offer you most remunerative price.


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